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Lucky CLI

This is the CLI utility used for generating new Lucky Framework Web applications.

If you're looking for the Lucky core shard, you'll find that at

Installing the CLI

To install the Lucky CLI, read Installing Lucky guides for your Operating System.


Building the CLI

NOTE: this should be used for working on the CLI and submitting PRs.

  1. Install Crystal first.
  2. Clone the repo git clone
  3. Go to the repo directory cd lucky_cli
  4. Run the setup ./script/setup
  5. Run crystal build src/ -o /usr/local/bin/lucky (instead of /usr/local/bin/ destination you can choose any other directory that in $PATH)

Run which lucky from the command line to make sure it is installed.

If you're generating a Lucky web project, install the required dependencies. Then run lucky init

API Documentation

API (main)


  1. Fork it ( )
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Check that specs on GitHub Actions CI pass
  6. Create a new Pull Request

Testing Deployment to Heroku

Testing deployment to Heroku is skipped locally by default. The easiest way to run the deployment tests is to push up a branch and open a PR. This will run tests against Heroku to make sure deployment is working as expected.

If you want though, you can also test deployment locally:

  1. Sign up for a Heroku account and install the CLI.
  2. Run heroku authorizations:create --description="Lucky CLI Integration Tests".
  3. Grab the token from that command and put it in the generated .env file.
  4. Change RUN_HEROKU_SPECS from 0 to 1 in the .env file.
  5. Run script/setup to make sure all dependencies are installed.
  6. Run script/test to test everything, or run script/test specs/integration/


  github: luckyframework/cli
  version: ~> 1.0.0
License MIT
Crystal >= 1.6.0


Dependencies 3

  • lucky_task ~> 0.1.1
    {'github' => 'luckyframework/lucky_task', 'version' => '~> 0.1.1'}
  • nox ~> 0.2.2
    {'github' => 'matthewmcgarvey/nox', 'version' => '~> 0.2.2'}
  • teeplate~luckyframework ~> 0.8.5
    {'github' => 'luckyframework/teeplate', 'version' => '~> 0.8.5'}

Development Dependencies 1

  • ameba ~> 1.3.0
    {'github' => 'crystal-ameba/ameba', 'version' => '~> 1.3.0'}

Dependents 0

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