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Crystal binding for the MonetDB MAPI client interface

Tested on

Crystal 0.22

Work around added for Crystal 0.23 on CentOS see

You will need the MonetDB client package installed for this to work and also an instance of MServer5 running

We can now perform a query that emits JSON useful for SELECT statements

For more details look at


Add this to your shard.yml and run shards install or crystal dep

    github: puppetpies/crystal-monetdb-libmapi
    version: ">= 0.1.1"

Examples schemas provided under examples/

# Example code from shard crystal-monetdb-examples

require "crystal-monetdb-libmapi"
require "crystal-monetdb-libmapi/monetdb_data"
require "colorize"

class ConnectionError < Exception; end
class QueryError < Exception; end
class InternalError < Exception; end
class TimeoutError < Exception; end

host = ""
port = 50000
username = "monetdb"
password = "monetdb"
db = "threatmonitor"

mero = = host
mero.port = port
mero.username = username
mero.password = password
mero.db = db
myschema = "\"threatmonitor\""

query = "SELECT * FROM #{myschema}.fruits;"

# Alternative connect overload method to allow easy connect
# conn =
# conn.connect("localhost", "username", "password", "testschema")

result_json = mero.query_json(query)
result = mero.json_to_hash(result_json)
puts "Hash Created:".colorize(:red)
p result
puts "Display specific fields".colorize(:red)
result.each {|k,v|
  puts "Hash Key: #{k} Name: #{v["name"]} Price: #{v["price"]}"

NOTE: I recently added a workaround for compiling under Centos 7 / RHEL

We also provide an easyconnect script which allows you to provide all the host, login parameters as seen above.

There are a few benchmark tools ( Feel free to add more )

  insperf - Insert performance included my stopwatch
  randomize - Random columns / table width and data

I do hope with this project people get involved feel free to fork the project as always, raise issues where needed i just want everyone to have a good time !

Have fun!

Brian Hood

  github: puppetpies/crystal-monetdb-libmapi
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