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:zap: Accelerate your pull requests by awesome automations :zap:

Hosted Danger helps agressive automations for your pull requests especially for assigning reviewers, checking CI statuses and merging. Hosted Danger executes danger internally. In other words, it's a Danger As A Service. The differences of original danger are "when" and "what" to be executed.

  • :heavy_check_mark: When: Hosted Danger is detached from CI processes. So danger can be executed interactively. (It's reacted for Github Webhooks.)
  • :heavy_check_mark: What: It cannot refer the source codes and build products basically. It's specialized for Pull Requests automations, not for showing results of lints, tests or coverages.

:rocket: The Hosted Danger is activated on more than 1500 repositoies in Yahoo! JAPAN. :rocket:

danger/danger is really awesome OSS. I would like to send a big respect for @orta.

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