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A Static Site Generator written in Crystal v0.26.0+.


Read it Online or install crystal-lang and clone the project, then to run:

$ make
$ ./bin/wasp server -s docs --verbose
Using config file: /Users/icyleaf/Development/crystal/wasp/docs
Generating static files to /Users/icyleaf/Development/crystal/wasp/docs/public
Write to /Users/icyleaf/Development/crystal/wasp/docs/public/guide/getting-started/index.html
Write to /Users/icyleaf/Development/crystal/wasp/docs/public/guide/install/index.html
Write to /Users/icyleaf/Development/crystal/wasp/docs/public/guide/intro/index.html
Total in 55.375 ms
Watch changes in '/Users/icyleaf/Development/crystal/wasp/docs/{config.yml,contents/**/*.md,layouts/**/*.html,static/**/*}'
Web Server is running at http://localhost:8624/ (bind address
Press Ctrl+C to stop


This project is under development, DO NOT use it in production.

  • [x] site structures
  • [x] site configurate (default)
  • [x] parse markdown to html
  • [x] live preview with web server
  • [x] livereload after save content(settings/post/page)
  • [ ] theme template
  • [ ] admin panel
  • [ ] command line tool
    • [x] config: print site configuration
    • [ ] init: initialize a new site
    • [ ] new: create a new post
    • [ ] search: search post
    • [x] build: generate to static pages
    • [x] server: run a web server



Halite is a open source, collaboratively funded project. If you run a business and are using Halite in a revenue-generating product, it would make business sense to sponsor Halite development. Individual users are also welcome to make a one time donation if Halite has helped you in your work or personal projects.

You can donate via Paypal.

How to Contribute

Your contributions are always welcome! Please submit a pull request or create an issue to add a new question, bug or feature to the list.

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MIT License © icyleaf

  github: icyleaf/wasp
License MIT
Crystal 0.26.1


Dependencies 5

  • cli ~> 0.7.0
    {'github' => 'mosop/cli', 'version' => '~> 0.7.0'}
  • crinja ~> 0.3.0
    {'github' => 'straight-shoota/crinja', 'version' => '~> 0.3.0'}
  • markd ~> 0.1.1
    {'github' => 'icyleaf/markd', 'version' => '~> 0.1.1'}
  • terminal ~> 0.1.0
    {'github' => 'icyleaf/terminal-ui.cr', 'version' => '~> 0.1.0'}
  • totem master
    {'branch' => 'master', 'github' => 'icyleaf/totem'}

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