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Build Status Dependency Status devDependency Status provides a Sass/SCSS to CSS compiler for Crystal through bindings to libsass.

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Add this to your application's shard.yml:

    github: straight-shoota/

Installing libsass

This shard requires the libsass library. It is available in many package managers as libsass-dev or libsass.

If you can't find a binary distribution of libsass, you need to build it yourself (see Building instructions for libsass).

The included Makefile contains a target install-libsass to install libsass in a global path (usually /usr/local/lib). You can also run make dep to install libsass in a local path specified by $LOCAL_LD_PATH (by default this is ./dynlib).

These bindings have been tested with version 3.4.5 and 3.5.0.beta.3 of libsass.


require "sass"

# Compile a Sass/SCSS file:
css = Sass.compile_file("application.scss")

# Compile a Sass/SCSS file with options:
css = Sass.compile_file("application.sass", include_path: "includes")

# Compile a Sass/SCSS string:
css = Sass.compile("body { div { color: red; } }")

# Re-use compiler with options:
compiler = "includes", precision: 4)
compiler.include_path += ":other_includes"
css_application = compiler.compile_file("application.scss")
css_layout = compiler.compile(%(@import "layout";))


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  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create a new Pull Request


  github: straight-shoota/
  version: ~> 0.6.0
License MIT
Crystal >= 0.28.0


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