Version-dependent behaviour, specified at compile-time
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Switch behaviour at Crystal compile-time based on versions, using macros.

You might want this if you need to support multiple versions of a dependency (with breaking changes), while maintaining a consistent API for your consumers/callers.


This shard is pre-release for now, so to use it in your project, you'll need to specify the master branch, like so:

    github: anicholson/crystal-version-tools
    branch: "master"


Make sure to include the library in your project.

require "version_tools"

Built-in check: Crystal version being used

VersionTools provides a predefined checker that checks the version of Crystal being used against a version you specify, like this:

with_crystal_version("0.32.0") do
  greater do
    puts "#{Crystal::VERSION} is later than 0.32.0"

  lesser_or_equal do
    puts "#{Crystal::VERSION} is earlier or equal to 0.32.0"

This code snippet will compile to the following on each version:

# on 0.32.1 or later
puts "#{Crystal::VERSION} is greater than 0.32.0"

# on 0.32.0 or earlier
puts "#{Crystal::VERSION} is earlier or equal to 0.32.0"

Defining your own checker

If you wish to define your own checkers, use define_version_checker!.

For example, to create a checker called with_api_version that checks against (say) version "1.0.0" of something, you invoke:

VersionTools.define_version_checker!(with_api_version, Crystal::VERSION)

And now you can use with_api_version the same way as with_crystal_version above.

NB: For now, these macros reside in the Top-Level Namespace. Be careful not to create collisions!

Supported clauses

The following clauses are supported. In these tables, my_version refers to the version baked into the checker, and compared_version refers to the version when the checker is invoked.

| Clause | Description | Aliases | |--------------------|-------------------------------------|-------------------------| | lesser | If my_version < compared_version | less_than | | lesser_or_equal | If my_version <= compared_version | less_than_or_equal | | equal | If my_version == compared_version | equals | | greater_or_equal | If my_version >= compared_version | greater_than_or_equal | | greater | If my_version > compared_version | greater_than |

Any other clauses will raise a compile-time error:

with_some_checker("1.0.0") do
  elephant do
    raise "Will not raise"

# emits:
# 4 | VersionTools.define_version_checker!(with_some_checker, "0.1.0")
#     ^
# Error: Unknown clause: :elephant

Any code not within a clause will also raise a compile-time error:

with_some_checker("1.0.0") do
  x =

# emits:
#  4 | VersionTools.define_version_checker!(with_some_checker, "0.1.0")
#      ^
# Error: The following code caused an error:
#   x =
# Use a clause instead, for example:
#   greater do
#     # your code here
#   end
# The following clauses are supported:
#   * lesser (or less_than)
#   * lesser_or_equal (or less_than_or_equal)
#   * equal (or equals)
#   * greater_or equal (or greater_than_or_equal)
#   * greater (or greater_than)


  1. Fork it ( anicholson/crystal-version-tools/fork )
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create a new Pull Request


  github: anicholson/crystal-version-tools
  version: ~> 0.1.1
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