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Finally, a consistent and reliable static site generator for the web.


You can use Dravite as both a library and a standalone binary.

If you want to use the CLI, install it with make:

make install

If you instead want to integrate Dravite with your own application, add this to your shards.yml:

    github: GloverDonovan/dravite


Dravite CLI

Create a new site:

drav init

Serve the current site with Kemal:

drav serve

Build the current site:

drav build

Dravite API

Create a new site:

my_site = new Dravite::Site



  • [x] Customizable input and output directories.
  • [ ] Separation of content from style and layout.
  • [ ] Guide / recommended style guidelines.
  • [ ] Page-specific variables (should these variables be in data/ instead?)

Nice to haves:

  • [ ] Watch input files and update the output files in real-time.
  • [ ] Recommend Yarn as the dependency manager of choice.
  • [ ] Support multiple CSS / JavaScript output files.
  • [ ] Handle errors from Sass, Crinja, etc. gracefully.

Directory structure

Note that below is not final.

  • app/*.js - JavaScript files (combined to app.js).
  • data/*.yaml - Data that should be accessible inside your templates.
  • includes/*.html - HTML files to include in layouts.
  • layouts/*.html - The various layouts of your website.
    • default.html - The default layout is used when no layout is given.
  • pages/*.{md,html} - Pages can be in either markdown or HTML.
  • posts/*.{md,html} - Posts are date-centric content, usually used for blogs.
  • style/*.{sass,scss,css} - CSS files (combined to design.css).

Output files

Note that the output files can be changed however you want.

  • app.js - Main JavaScript file
  • design.css - Main CSS file
  • *.html - Top-level pages
  • **/*.html - Other pages that aren't top-level pages

TODO: Determine whether or not top level pages should use their own folder by default (i.e. /page.html becomes /page).

From there, you can perform do other things such as minify the JavaScript file for production.


  • markd - Markdown parser written in Crystal
  • crinja - Jinja2 implementation in Crystal
  • sass.cr - LibSass wrapper for Crystal
  github: GloverDonovan/dravite
Crystal 0.24.1

Dependencies 4

  • crinja
    {'github' => 'straight-shoota/crinja'}
  • kemal
    {'github' => 'kemalcr/kemal'}
  • markd
    {'github' => 'icyleaf/markd'}
  • sass
    {'github' => 'straight-shoota/sass.cr'}

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