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Mochi is a shard inspired by devise for ruby. Mochi handles everything authentication. Currently amber is the only supported framework with both granite and jennifer orms being supported. I am open to other frameworks being supported, such as lucky, but there is a lot to do before that. If you want this to work with lucky asap, you'll have to open a pull request right now.

The Mochi CLI makes installation easy. Please give a thanks to the amber core team for their CLI. I have pulled it out of amber to use as a base.


API Docs

API Documentation



Mochi Modules

Note: Only the class 'User' is supported.

Currently, Mochi has 7 modules:

  1. Authenticable
  • Basic authentication. Sign up, sign in, sign out.
  • Mandatory columns:
    • email: String - User's sign up email
    • password_digest: String? - User's password stored as a bcrypt digest

Note: Mochi also puts 'password' and 'new_password' in as attributes, however we don't want these saved in plain text so do NOT add them as columns.

  1. Confirmable
  • Users are required to confirm their email prior to activation. Mochi generates a UUID for each user and sends an email. This UUID is for user activation and verification
  • Mandatory columns:
    • confirmation_token: String - Token used for email activation & verification
    • confirmed: Bool - True if user account is activated
    • confirmed_at: Timestamp? - Time user confirmed account
    • confirmation_sent_at: Timestamp? - Time confirmation email sent
    • unconfirmed_email: String? - An email address copied from the email attr after confirmation.
  1. Omniauthable
  • Users can sign up with google, facebook, github, twitter or vk. (Google is still WIP)
  • Mandatory columns:
    • uid: String? - Identifaction number used for sign-in verification (These user's do not have a password_digest or email)
  1. Trackable
  • Tracks user's sign in count, ip addresses and sign in time
  • Mandatory columns:
    • sign_in_count: Integer - Total amount of times a user has successfully signed in
    • current_sign_in_ip: String? - The most recent IP address used to sign in
    • last_sign_in_ip: String? - The second most recent IP address used to sign in
    • current_sign_in_at: Timestamp? - The time a user last signed in at
    • last_sign_in_at: Timestamp? - The second most recent time a user signed in
  1. Recoverable
  • Allows users to reset password via email link
  • Mandatory columns:
    • reset_password_sent_at: Timestamp? - Time password reset email was sent at
    • reset_password_token: String? - UUID token for verification
    • password_reset_in_progress: Bool - returns true when a password reset was initialized but not confirmed & completed.
  1. Lockable
  • User's have X number of times to log in before account is locked & email verification occurs
  • Mandatory columns:
    • locked_at: Timestamp? - Time account was locked at
    • unlock_token: String? - UUID token for verification
    • failed_attempts: Integer - Number of attempts currently failed since last sign in
  1. Invitable
  • User's can invite other users. Inviter inputs email, email sent out, invitee inputs password, account is confirmed if confirmable is active.
  • Mandatory columns:
    • invitation_accepted_at: Timestamp? - Time invitee accepted invite
    • invitation_created_at: Timestamp? - Time inviter created invite
    • invitation_token: String? - UUID verification token
    • invited_by: Integer? - Inviter user id
    • invitation_sent_at: Timestamp? - Time invite email was sent (same as invitiation_created_at)
  github: awcrotwell/mochi
  version: ~> 0.3.1
License MIT
Crystal 0.35.0


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Development Dependencies 5

  • amber master
    {'branch' => 'master', 'github' => 'amberframework/amber'}
  • ameba ~> 0.11.0
    {'github' => 'crystal-ameba/ameba', 'version' => '~> 0.11.0'}
  • granite master
    {'branch' => 'master', 'github' => 'amberframework/granite'}
  • jennifer master
    {'branch' => 'master', 'github' => 'imdrasil/'}
  • sam master
    {'branch' => 'master', 'github' => 'imdrasil/'}

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